Visions Adult Day Program


Welcome to Visions!

A Great Place to Nurture Growth

Welcome To Visions Adult Day Program

Great Place for adults to excel!

Welcome To Visions Adult Day Program

Great Place for adults to excel!

Welcome to Visions Adult Day Program

Welcome to Visions

Our Mission

Visions serve 20 individuals in the city of San Pablo. Our mission is to provide participants with opportunities to develop entry level vocational skills, life skills training and self-advocacy tools and opportunities. Visions have developed partnerships with local businesses, church organizations and non-profit organizations to support our participants to work in their community. This has been a win-win for local businesses and for our participants. 


Our Philosophy

The philosophy of the Visions Adult Day Program is:

Inspire Workers

Inspire Helpers

Inspire Dreamers

Visions promotes the growth mindset for it’s participants until they can promote it for themselves. We believe in their abilities to reach their goals, achieve independence and the quality of life they dream for themselves.

Features & Benefits

What We Offer

Full Day Session

Qualified Teachers

Computer Room

Activity Room

Knowledge Classes

TV Room

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